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24.05.2019 г.
1.78 M

Новітні кіберзагрози підривають можливість максимально використовувати переваги, надані інформаційно-комунікаційними технологіями. Особливого значення для суспільства сьогодні напуває надійне функціонування інформаційних ресурсів критичної інфраструктури...

Издатель: Other Тип: организационный (общего характера) Тематика: кибербезопасность
29.04.2019 г.
613.26 K

Perceiving cybersecurity as one of the priority areas of national security is common among both developed and transitional states in today’s globalized and digitized world. This is particularly relevant for the relatively young Independent state of Ukraine, which has during the last years repetitively fallen victim to many instances of high-profile malicious activity in cyberspace, the so-called “cyberattacks”

Издатель: Other Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: кибербезопасность
05.04.2019 г.
1.22 M

Growth of Public Vulnerability Disclosures, the Important Intermediary. Between Commercial Threat Analysis and Cyber Grid Threat Reporting

Издатель: Other Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: информационная безопасность
04.04.2019 г.
1.32 M

Mapping of existing standards against requirements on security and privacy in the area of IoT

Издатель: ENISA (Греция) Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: информационная безопасность
04.04.2019 г.
4.46 M

2018 is a difficult year to summarize for Infosec. After the initial flurry of activity around Spectre and Meltdown in the beginning of January, we ended the year with global supply chain concerns brought about by the Super Micro story. Throughout the year we saw the geopolitical dilemmas of 2018 manifest in cyber security issues. Technology giants like Facebook and Google had a security reckoning. However in pure scariness the medical data breaches of MyHeritage (DNA) and MyFitnessPal (health) rank higher. The Starwood Marriot Hotel breach made every travelling executive nervous for the rest of the year, but probably not as nervous as the incident of CEO Fraud at Pathé...

Издатель: Other Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: кибербезопасность
04.04.2019 г.
1.76 M

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly evolving and expanding collection of diverse technologies that interact with the physical world. Many organizations are not necessarily aware of the large number of IoT devices they are already using and how IoT devices may affect cybersecurity and privacy risks differently than conventional information technology (IT) devices do. The purpose of this publication is to help federal agencies and other organizations better understand and manage the cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with their IoT devices throughout their lifecycles...

Издатель: NIST (США) Тип: организационный (общего характера) Тематика: кибербезопасность
04.04.2019 г.
92.35 K

As more devices in the home connect to the internet, the cyber security of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a growing concern. People entrust their personal data to an increasing number of online devices and services. Products and appliances that have traditionally been offline are now becoming connected and need to be designed to withstand cyber threats...

Издатель: ETSI (Франция) Тип: стандарт организации Тематика: кибербезопасность
17.03.2019 г.
124.05 K

This document explains the coding structure used by the Federal Government to identify positions that require the performance of information technology, cybersecurity, or other cyber-related functions

Издатель: Other Тип: стандарт организации Тематика: информационная безопасность
23.12.2018 г.
1.88 M

IT Audit Strategies to Maximize Value of Penetration Testing

Издатель: Other Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: информационная безопасность
29.11.2018 г.
3.40 M

This Framework is a resource to help critical infrastructure owners and operators, as well as other private sector, Federal, and S tate, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) government partners that share threat information, learn where they can turn, and in what circumstances, to both receive and report threat information.

Издатель: Other Тип: обзор / отчёт Тематика: критическая инфраструктура

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